What can i expect to receive in my flower share each week?

Each week we will create a gorgeous arrangement full of seasonal bounty using flowers, herbs, and foliage we grow or forage from our land. We harvest the flowers from the field, all different colors and varieties, to give you a different design to brighten up your home or business every week. These bouquets will be arranged and wrapped with love. 

I'm out of town on the date of my pick-up.  What should I do?

We know that summer is a time to get away and enjoy time with family and friends! So, we will allow two vacation holds for each summer flower share. Let us know what weeks you will be away, and we can give you a double share the following week. Or, encourage friends and family to pick up in your place. 

When and where can I pick up my flowers?

Pick-up is available at the following locations:  Sadie Mae's Cupcake Cafe (288 Main Street, Hingham); The Food Smith (17 Standish Street, Duxbury); and at our Cross Street Farm in Norwell.  We will also be a vendor at the Hingham Farmer's Market where bouquets can be pre-ordered and picked up.  Delivery is also available at an additional small fee for Norwell and surrounding towns.

How do I sign up for a share?

You can sign up online here.  In addition, we also accept orders by check, Venmo, and good old cash.  Simply send us an email to: info@csflowerfarm.com to confirm your order and we will send you an invoice for payment.


We cultivate our flowers without the use of pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers, as farmers have done for centuries.   We believe that healthy soil grows the healthy plants and flowers, so we devote time to learn about and put into practice methods that will provide valuable nutrients and replenish the fertility of our land.  We feed our crops a healthy blend of nutrients delivered through use of various cover crops, organic soil amendments, compost, and annual crop rotations.  We farm on a small 1/2-acre plot, using hand tools and a walk-behind tractor. We grow our flowers in neat rows of 4' by 50'  raised beds with grass walking paths between them. Our flowers keep the birds and the bees very happy all summer, and us too. 

You can always email us with any other questions.