Frequently Asked Questions about our Flower Shares

What can I expect in my flower share each week?

Every Monday, our farmers walk the fields together and decide what is best to harvest for our flower shares. We will send a newsletter every week to our members sharing news from the farm and details about what will be in the bouquets. On pick up day, our designers create our bouquets using ingredients harvested the same day from our fields. We work hard to bring a different blend of flowers and varieties to our flower share every week, and to give you a glimpse of the best of what's growing in our fields. 

How do you value your flower shares?

The weekly value of each bouquet is an average of all of the weeks. Some weeks you may receive a larger bouquet than others based on the variety and quantity of flowers in bloom. Our flower share members receive on average a 15% discount over our farm stand prices and are given first priority every week.

I'm going on vacation, can I pick-up my share at a later date?  

If you are going to be away, we encourage you to have a friend or neighbor pick up your share. We finalize our seeding and planting schedules months in advance to meet the needs of our shares and orders each week. Unfortunately, we can no longer accommodate vacation change requests during the season.

I see that you are not offering home delivery this season. Will you offer more pick up locations instead? 

Yes, we would like to add new pick up locations for Spring 2018 around the South Shore and in Boston. If you know a good pick up spot, please email us at: We need at least 5-10 shares to open a new pick up spot.

How do I sign up for a share?       

Simple. Sign up here.  

I signed up for a Flower Share. Now when will the share begin?

Our start date for our shares are approximate based on the weather, especially in the Spring. Our Spring share usually begins in mid April and runs through mid May. Our Summer share usually starts around June 20th. The Fall Share begins right after Labor Day.

Note about Summer Shares: Starting in 2018, our Partial and Full Summer Share both start in late June and pick up every week.  

Can I volunteer at the farm?

Yes! Send us an email to: and we will add you to our Volunteer List. 

What happens if a natural disaster destroys all of the flowers? 

As farmers, we are humbled by Mother Nature, she is our not so silent third partner. We work hard to mitigate risks through good planning, and by protecting our crops from early and late frosts, pests, disease and most anything Mother Nature throws at us. We also greatly appreciate you -our flower share members - for sharing this risks and rewards of farming with us. You pay for your share in the winter, which allows us to cover the costs of seeds and supplies. Your encouraging words throughout the season remind us why we love growing and sharing our flower farming journey with you. We greatly appreciate your willingness to follow along and share both the risks and rewards. For our part, we promise to work tirelessly to uphold our end of the bargain and deliver sustainable, local, fresh flowers to you each week.  

Any more questions? Shoot us an email!