Cross Street Flower Farm is a flower farm dreamed up and run by two friends, Nikki Bartley and Cara Gilmartin. We grow over 50 varieties of speciality cut flowers from April to November using organic methods. Cross Street Flower Farm is now a 7-acre flower farm, on leased town land at the historic Jacobs Farm on Main Street in the beautiful, New England town of Norwell, MA. Jacobs Farm is an iconic gem in our town, and we take great pride in stewarding the land. We are lucky to be farming here, preserved farmland in our community is rare. We were chosen by our partner nonprofit, Norwell Farms, to be the farm manager of Jacobs Farm in 2017.

We started small in 2015 growing flowers at Nikki’s house on 1/8th acre. We are self taught farmers, neither of us grew up on a farm. We learned our craft through trial and error, and just keep learning and doing as we go. We have found our calling digging in the earth. Farming has given us a deeper appreciation of the natural world and taught us the power and magic of flowers. Starting Cross Street Flower Farm from scratch has reminded us how fun it is to chase your dreams!

Norwell is where we live and chose to raise our families. We met when our kids (all six of them!) were in preschool together at a small church in the center of town. It's a great community, the kind of small town where people wave as you drive by, bring you dinners when a new baby arrives or someone falls sick. A town that rallies around families when they need help.

Our flower fields are a love letter to our community. We hope our flowers bring you happiness as you drive by our fields on Main Street, or when you bring a bouquet of ours home to enjoy each week.

We are buoyed by the support and demand for our flowers in our South Shore community. Our customers tell us they love that our field grown flowers are more vibrant, fresh, fragrant and last longer than flowers available from florists or the grocery store.  We harvest and arrange our flowers into elegant, hand-tied bouquets and get them to you the next day.  

Our Flower CSA is the biggest part of our business. Your purchase of a CSA flower share helps us tremendously with planning how much to grow, having capital to buy seeds and supplies in the winter, and reducing our marketing costs and time during our busy season.

People often tell us that smelling our flowers spark long forgotten memories. Our hope is that our flowers will transport you for a moment from the hustle and bustle of your daily life.   We hope you join us this season. Click here to buy a 2019 CSA flower share.

Thanks for stopping by! - Nikki & Cara