12 March, 2022

 “Where flowers bloom, so does hope." – Lady Bird Johnson 

The promise of Spring. There’s nothing more hopeful than a tulip moments before it bursts open. This is our why.  We love to grow flowers and we love this moment of hope, the victory when we know we got it right. And we also love sharing this knowledge with you, our community of flower lovers.

What’s Your Why? Let's Talk GYO Workshops.

Do you want to learn how to grow cut flowers through the seasons like we do? We sure hope so.

In a world where chaos nips at our heels, and so much is out of our control, planting your own garden is the best defense. Gandhi summed it up perfectly when he said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” 

This has been our guiding intention with building Cross Street Flower Farm, and it can be yours too. If you want more flowers in the world and less guns, then you better start planting your seeds now. And we are here to help!

Gardening is solace and escape and incredibly healing. Gardening is not difficult, but it is a learned skill. We can help teach you the skills you need to start your own Cutting Garden. Here is our sales pitch and the answers to some important questions.

Q: There are online gardening classes. Why choose your On-Farm Grow Your Own Cutting Garden Workshop Series?

A: Nowadays, there are other online resources you can use to learn the basic of growing cut flowers. However, there are very FEW workshops focused on our region, and even FEWER farms that are willing to open their fields and greenhouses to the public.

This is what makes us different. We love welcoming our community to our farm. We do it because we enjoy meeting you and we know that the best way to learn how to garden is by doing it, just as we did. We discuss our best methods and share with you our hard won secrets, and then we set you free to roll up your sleeves and try it for yourself. 

When I started Cross Street Flower Farm in 2015, there were no local flower farms to learn from. I made a promise to myself in those early days when I was struggling to figure things out, that one day, I would open my farm to my community so people could experience the farm and learn from us.

It took the better part of the last 7 years to develop our own crop plan and greenhouse seeding list.  We still experiment with new varieties and strive to perfect our methods every year. We’ve condensed this knowledge into our Grow Your Own Workshop Series Part 1 + 2 that teaches you everything you need to know to start and care for a small cutting garden in your own yard.  We then added our popular GYO Cutting Garden Part 3: Dahlias- which is a separate workshop just on growing dahlias. We have already hosted hundreds of community members at our on-farm workshops, and every year they just get better.


Q: Grow Your Own Part 1 or Part 2- Which workshop is right for me?

A: Both!  We absolutely recommend taking Part 1 + Part 2 together. Initially, we only offered 1 combined Grow Your Own Cutting Garden Workshop that included all the topics we now cover in Part 1 + Part 2. However, we found over the past few years that we had too much information to share, and we felt rushed. So, this year, we are allowing ourselves to dig deeper with you all. So ,we split the main Grow Your Own Cutting Garden Workshop into 2 workshops. Part 1 focuses on the greenhouse work, the basics of Seed Starting and Cutting Garden Design and crop planning. Part 2 focuses on the field work: Garden Preparation, Tools, Tips and Tricks to setting up and caring for a low-maintenance, enjoyable cutting garden.


Workshop Part 1 + 2  take place 2 weeks apart to allow you to learn a lot in Part 1 on March 26th, and then go home and have the chance to put it all into practice. Then, we welcome you back to the farm for Part 2 on April 9th and we teach you everything you need to learn about bed prep, transplanting, and caring for your cut flowers. And, most importantly, the Part 2 Workshop allows you time to formulate all the burning questions that have bubbled up after taking Part 1.


Part 3 Workshop(April 9th): Digging Deep on Dahlias can be taken alone or in tandem with Part 1 + 2.. Part 2 and Part 3 are on the same day. If you are coming for Part 2, you should plan to stay and take Part 3. Dahlias are the true queen of September, and we will teach you how to grow these beauties with ease.

Q: I really want to sign up for all 3 classes, but it seems expensive.

A: This is a very good investment and you get a lot with each workshop. Let us break it down.

  • We are offering 15% off of our Grow Your Own Cutting Garden Workshop Series (March 26th + April 9th) when you sign up for 2 or more. Use CODE: SPRING at checkout. We are encouraging you to take these workshops together because it will absolutely set up you up for success. So, if you take all 3 classes, the actual workshop cost is roughly $150 per class. That’s a great deal!
  • You will receive one of our Cutting Garden Kits which includes 24 plants PLUS a 38- cell tray of seeds you start at each workshop. That’s 62 seedlings per workshop to start off your cutting garden. 
  • Dahlias! If you also take the Part 3: Grow Your Own Dahlias class, you will receive the Cutting Garden Dahlia Kit (6 Dahlia plants) and the Dahlia Tuber kit (5 tubers). 
  • If you take all 3 workshops, you get a combined value of $350 in carefully curated plants for your cutting garden. You won't need anything else to keep you in bouquets all season!


After attending our workshops, you will be faced with this question:

Q: What will I do with all the flowers I grow?

A: Maybe you will sell them and send all the proceeds to refugees escaping Ukraine. Maybe you will give a bouquet every week to your elderly neighbor. Maybe you will put a single stem on your child's nightstand every week.  Maybe you will just sit in your garden every night after work and take a few deep breaths and be reminded of the good and beauty in the world.

But whatever your why is, you won't know for sure until you take that first step!  Spring is only 8 days away. Join us on March 26th and April 9th and get ready to roll up your sleeves and learn how to grow the cutting garden of your dreams.

If you have any questions about the workshops, shoot us an email at info@csflowerfarm.com

-Cheers! Nikki and Team Cross Street

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