Grow Your Own Cutting Garden Workshop Part 3: Dahlias

Date: Saturday, April 9th, 1-3 PM

Location: Cross Street Flower Farm

Dahlias, Dahlias, Dahlias. There is a dahlia craze spreading across the country, and for good reason. Dahlias are easy to grow and are among the most beautiful flowers.  So, if you've been dying to grow dahlias, join us for this workshop! Learn how we grow over 8,000 tubers a year. We will teach you to grow these beautiful blooms like a pro flower farmer.

This series is good for the novice as well as intermediate gardeners, we will cover the basics and dig deep on all things dahlias.

We will focus on bed prep, planting, and how to care for your dahlia plants and blooms. We will cover the field tools, trellising, mulching, fertilizing, and irrigation techniques to make your dahlias as low maintenance as possible.

This workshop will also dig deep into the more advanced techniques of storing and - dividing dahlias to increase your stock inexpensively.

This class will be very hands-on, full of all the necessary information you need to be successful at growing dahlias. We supply all the supplies, tools, and expertise required for this class. Each attendee will receive a bag of coveted Cross Street Flower Farm dahlia tubers to take home and plant. 

Topics Covered:

  • Dahlia varieties 

  • Demystifying Dahlias Tubers + Varieties

  • Growing Dahlias (bed prep, weed prevention, pinching, staking, irrigation)

  • Harvesting as Cut Flowers

  • Digging, Dividing, and Storing Dahlias over winter

Workshop attendees will receive one:

Be sure to dress comfortably and for the weather. We will maintain social distance and require masks to be worn. Class is rain or shine and takes place outside in the farm fields.

Tickets must be purchased in advance.

All ticket sales are final- non-transferable, non-refundable.