Dahlia Tuber Kit

NEW for Memorial Day! Dahlia tubers for your cutting garden! 

Good news!  We finally have tubers for you!  After the long project of planting our almost 7,000 tubers in the fields, we have hundreds of healthy tubers to sell and are putting together these curated kits to make it easy for you to grow your own dahlias from tubers.

Don't worry- you have plenty of time to plant these healthy, eyed-up tubers in your garden for a terrific crop of some of our most loved varieties!  

The dahlias in this collection are a mix of our tried and true, workhorse varieities, and some of our most beautiful dahlias. Some of these you can't find anywhere else! 


Each kit includes: 

  • A mix of (5) Five eyed-up Dahlia tubers labeled by variety
  • Cross Street Flower Farm Dahlia Growing Guide emailed to you.
  • A gorgeous, hand-selected mix of our favorite ball and decorative dahlias in pink, orange, red, white and lavender tones, most likely including Cornel Red, Cornel Bronze, Terra Cotta, Genova, Brookside Snowball, Blizzard, and Jowie Winnie. 


Planting instructions: Dahlias should be planted in a sunny location in well-drained, fertile soil. Dahlias require space to grow and should be planted 15-18" apart Dahlias also require staking to prevent their stems and blooms from bending or breaking. 

Picking Up Your Dahlia Collection:

Each kit is ready for pick-up at the farm now and to plant in your garden immediately. Dahlia Kits can be picked up during Barn Shop hours Thurs-Sun 10-2. Please bring your order confirmation to pick up your kit.