Zinnia Cutting Garden Kit

Let's be clear. We are crazy for Zinnias!!! We grow over thirty different varieties of Zinnias, and that is after we trim down the list. So, we’ve curated a list of our favorite specialty zinnia seedlings into a kit for you to grow in your garden.

Our Zinnia Cutting Garden kit includes everything you need to grow, harvest, and cut colorful blooms from your garden. This kit is a hand-selected collection of our most favorite vibrant-colored heat-loving cut zinnias to produce a riot of blooms to harvest and enjoy July through Labor Day.

Each kit will be ready to plant when you pick them up.

Each kit includes: 

  • 24 zinnia seedlings grown in our greenhouses
  • a Cross Street Flower Farm planting guide
  • A gorgeous brightly colored mix of our favorite, cut-and-come-again flowers, including our favorites such as Giant Dahlia Mix, and Oklahoma Mix, Queen Lime Mix, Uproar Rose, and Sunset Mix. 

Each kit is ready for pick up this week during Barn Shop hours Th-Sun 10-2 and is ready to plant in your garden. Please bring your order confirmation when you pick up your kit.