10 March, 2021

"I must have flowers, always and always." - Claude Monet

Since our flowers come and go pretty quickly according to their own bloom cycles and Mother Nature's magic, our customers have learned to scoop them up as soon as they are available. The seasonality has created a scarcity effect that we never anticipated, although we realize now it’s one of nature’s best gifts to all of us. We eagerly anticipate and appreciate the flowers for the short time we have them.

Our Flowers Sell Out in a Hurry 

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that we are not a factory producing widgets. We grow what we can reasonably care for and harvest on our 5 acres. We have noticed that our flowers selling out quickly sometimes leads to disappointment or frustration among our customers, and this is certainly not our intention.

We would love nothing more than to deliver an endless supply of gorgeous flowers into your hands every day, but that is not the reality of small-scale farming. And even if we could do that, I’m not sure the resulting flowers produced would be quite as remarkable.

People tell us that our flowers are so different than ones they buy in the grocery store or even from a florist. Our flowers are usually harvested and into our customers' hands within 24-48 hours. They last longer and often continue to grow and change in the vase. They are unique and that’s why we love them so.

So, what's the best way to buy Cross Street Flowers?

Flower shares

Simply put, the best way to ensure that you have access to our flowers and bouquets is to purchase our Flower Shares. We offer 4 seasonal shares- a Spring share, June share, Summer share, and a Fall Dahlia share. Click here to learn more about our flower shares.

We start selling our Flower shares right around December 1st because our flower shares make great holiday gifts. To be notified when next year’s shares go on sale, be sure to sign up for our e-newsletter.

Weekly Specials

Don’t fret if you missed out on our flower share this year or if it doesn’t work for your lifestyle. We also offer weekly flower specials. Weekly specials are usually mixed bouquets and straight flower bunches offered online in our flower shop. We announce weekly specials via Instagram and Facebook posts and they sell quickly, so we recommend setting notifications for our posts. 

Flower Arrangements

We also offer garden-style floral arrangements in vases and unique vessels for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and events during our growing season and for certain holidays. We offer 4 styles of arrangements at varying price points in our Flower Shop under Flower Arrangements.

Bucket of Blooms

Another great option are our DIY flower arrangements. Starting at $150, you can get a bucket of 8-10 flower bunches (a combination of focal flowers, fillers and foliage) to make your own arrangements. This is enough flowers for 6-8 mason jar arrangements (vases sold separately). This is a perfect option for a baby shower or backyard party. Click here for more information. If you are pressed for time, we can also make the arrangements for your party. For custom arrangements and special occasion arrangements, just email us at info@csflowerfarm.com

Grow Your Own Workshops and Plant Sales

Lastly, I knew when I started Cross Street Flower Farm that I wanted to not only grow and sell beautiful flowers, but I also wanted to be a resource and help others learn to grow their own flowers. In our third season, we launched our Grow Your Own Cut Flowers workshop series. Last year, we had to cancel the series, but we are excited to bring it back this Spring in a COVID safe way outside at our farm.

In early May, we also sell cut flower seedlings and dahlia tubers at our annual plant sale. You can pre-order online in our Garden Shop and pick up at the farm.

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