CSA All Flower Share Bundle

Welcome to our 2024 ALL Flower Share Bundle

Start time: Early April through early October.

Share Length: 14 or 28 weeks

This year we are offering our all flower share bundle, which provides flowers continuously throughout our 28 week growing season from April to October. 

NEW! 14-week All Share Bundle picks up EVERY OTHER WEEK all season and includes:

  • 3 wk Spring Share
  • 2 wk Ranunculus Share
  • 2 wk Peony Share
  • 4 wk Summer Share
  • 3 wk Dahlia Share 

28-week All Share Bundle will pick up EVERY WEEK all season and includes:

  • 6 wk Spring Share
  • 4 wk Ranunculus Share
  • 4 wk Peony Share
  • 8 wk Summer Share
  • 6 wk Dahlia Share 

You will receive a wrapped bouquet or large mixed bunch FILLED with color, texture, and all the most beautiful flowers we grow all season long. Tulips, daffodils, ranunculus, peonies, zinnias, lisianthus, dahlias, cosmos, snapdragons, celosia, sunflowers, pincushion, globe amaranth, eucalyptus, grasses and so much more! 

All Flower Share Bundle CSA Special Member Benefits:By being a share member, you are saving 20% discount off of our regular Barn Shop bouquet prices. We also offer CSA members special discounts for cut your own and other events throughout the season. CSA members will receive extra bunches during weeks when there is a bumper crop and always receive first priority on our flowers.