Flower CSA Shares

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a way for farmers and consumers to connect directly without a middleman, and ahead of the growing season. In short: people buy "shares" of a farm's harvest in advance and then receive a portion of the crops as they're harvested. Your purchase of a CSA flower share helps us tremendously with planning how much to grow, having capital to buy seeds and supplies in the winter, and reducing our marketing costs and time during our busy season. The CSA is the biggest part of our business. Thank you!

We offer flower shares by the season from April to October:

Spring share - $130 - usually starts in mid-April when the daffodils are in bloom. You will receive a weekly bunch of our best spring blooms, highlighting our heirloom daffodils and fancy tulips and usually some ranunculus and anemones too. Typically, there are 4 weeks for the Spring share.

June share- $150 - usually starts in early June when the peonies are in bloom. You will receive a weekly share of peonies, sweet peas, poppies and other early June blooms. Typically there are 4 weeks in the June share.

Summer share - $280 – usually starts after the 4th of July and runs through August - high bloom in our summer fields - mixed bouquets of what’s blooming, plenty of zinnias, snapdragons, sunflowers, pincushion flowers, celosia, globe amaranth, lisianthus and so much more! Typically there are 8 weeks of summer mixed bouquets.

Dahlia share - $140 - starts soon after Labor Day or when the dahlias start blooming en masse. Typically there are 4 weeks of gorgeous dahlia bunches.

Note on Number of Weeks and Share Value: The number of weeks in every share can vary depending on the weather and field conditions. We work hard to reach our typical number of weeks per share, but sometimes it can happen that we need to provide a double share one week or extend the share by one week based on how the crops are blooming. However, the value of the share will not waiver, and will always be: Share value = total cost / number of weeks. :)

Every week, our farmers walk the fields together and decide what is best to harvest for our flower shares. We will send a weekly newsletter to our members sharing stories from the farm and details about what will be in the shares. On pick up day, our designers create our bouquets using ingredients harvested within 24 hours from our fields. We work hard to bring a different blend of flowers and varieties to our flower share every week, and to give you a glimpse of the best of what's growing in our fields. 

The weekly value of each bouquet is an average of all of the weeks. (Share value = total cost / number of weeks) Some weeks you may receive a larger bouquet than others based on the variety and quantity of flowers in bloom.

Our flower share members receive on average a 15% discount over our farm stand prices and are given first priority to our flowers and shares throughout the season.

Simple. Sign up here. /collections/flower-share

2022 Flower CSA Pick Up Locations:

We are only selling 2022 Flower Shares for pick up at Cross Street Flower Farm.

Our start date for our shares are approximate based on the weather, especially in the Spring. Our Spring share usually begins in mid April and runs through mid May. Our June share starts in early to mid June. Our 8-Week Summer share usually starts the first week of July through August. The Dahlia Share begins after Labor Day through mid October.

Weekly Newsletter/Communications
Once the share begins, we will send an email every week to remind you to pick up your share. Please be sure to add info@csflowerfarm.com to your contacts so our emails do not go to your spam folder. Also, if you gifted a share to a friend or loved one, please make sure we have their email so they receive our weekly newsletters. You can email us at info@csflowerfarm to confirm.

If you are going to be away, we encourage you to have a friend or neighbor pick up your share. We finalize our seeding and planting schedules months in advance to meet the needs of our shares and orders each week. Unfortunately, we can not accommodate vacation change requests during the season.

Please know it is every shareholder's responsibility to pick up their share during the allotted pick up time. We understand that our shareholders have busy schedules. All shares at Cross Street Flower Farm will be held in the walk-in cooler for 24 hours. However, our partner locations have volunteered their valuable retail space to host our CSA pick ups, and it is at their discretion if they will hold the shares overnight. If you do not pick up your share during your alloted pick up time, it is the right of the retail host to donate unclaimed shares at their discretion. Thank you for your understanding. 

As farmers, we are humbled by Mother Nature, she is our not so silent partner. We work hard to mitigate risks through good planning, crop diversification, by protecting our crops from early and late frosts, pests, disease, high winds, and most anything Mother Nature throws at us. We also greatly appreciate you - our CSA flower share members - for sharing this risks and rewards of farming with us. You pay for your share in the winter, which allows us to cover the costs of seeds and supplies. Your encouraging words throughout the season remind us why we love growing and sharing our flower farming journey with you. We greatly appreciate your willingness to follow along and share both the risks and rewards. For our part, we promise to work tirelessly to uphold our end of the bargain and deliver sustainable, local, fresh flowers to you each week.  

Flower Care

We typically harvest your flowers within 24 hours of delivering them to our pick up locations making them much more fresh than flowers you can buy in any store. Our flowers typically last about a week, but some varieties have shorter or longer vase life.

Tulips, daffodils, lisianthus, snapdragons, sunflowers - when harvested at the right stage, can last almost two weeks. Zinnias, dahlias, poppies, sweet peas and some other varieties typically last 4-5 days. We grow over 50 varieties of flowers, and each flower has its own unique habits and proper post harvest treatment. There are books written about this, no joke! Our best recommendation is this—- place your bouquet in a very clean vase, with clean water. Be sure to remove all leaves and extra foliage below the water line. Only stems should be in the water to keep it clean. Change the water every morning when you have your coffee. Bacteria build up in the water speeds up decay of flowers. You can snip 1/2 inch off stem ends every few days so the stems take a fresh drink. Also, keep your bouquet out of direct sunlight and extreme heat as this will also shorten life.

Most of all, enjoy the bouquet as it ages and changes! Notice how some flowers continue to open and others do not. Notice how some colors fade as they age, sometimes very dramatically.

NOTE: We stand behind our product, and since flowers are highly perishable sometimes things happen. If you bouquet dies within a day or two of pick up something went wrong! Send us a pic on email to info@csflowerfarm.com and we will schedule a time for you to come to farm and pick up a replacement bouquet.

Working On The Farm

Yes! Send us an email to: info@csflowerfarm.com and we will add you to our Volunteer List. 

Yes! Our apprentices are an integral part of our small but mighty team. During the course of the season, apprentices learn all aspects of flower farming – from field work, to harvest and post harvest handling of flowers, design work, and so much more.

You can learn more about our Apprentice Program on our Job Opportunities page.


Yes, you can feel free to take selfie pictures in fields while you are here during a pick your own event. However, we ask that these pictures are not for professional use, marketing, or resale without express written consent of Cross Street Flower Farm.

If you are a professional photographer looking to book client photo sessions at the farm, please email us at info@csflowerfarm.com for scheduling and site fee information.


Shoot us an email at info@csflowerfarm.com!